1969 Dodge Super Bee


In 1968, just out of high school, Dave ordered a new 383 equipped Dodge Super Bee from the local dealer to be delivered in January '69. Dave managed to blow the motor while thrashing the car.


In 1968, just out of high school, Dave ordered a new 383 equipped Dodge Super Bee from the local dealer to be delivered in January '69. Dave managed to blow the motor while thrashing the car. The dealer was unable to locate a replacement 383 - so Dave had to settle for a 426 Hemi replacement motor. Damn! Don't you just hate it when that happens. Dave says the Hemi performed better at the local drag strip - as well as outrunning the cops! After a few years Dave sold the Bee. He says it was due to marriage, family responsibilities, etc. We think it was due to too many citations for street racing and speeding!

In 2007, Dave found a '69 Super Bee near Winona, MN., bought it and had it souped up with a massively bored 400 (bored to 499 c.i.), a built 727 trans with a big stall converter and a Dana 60 rear end w/ 410 gears as he planned to do some drag racing. During the winter of 2008-2009 Dave wanted some repairs and enhancements made to the Bee including a roll cage, complete rewiring of the vehicle, new interior and engine bay repair and repaint. He entrusted Fast Freddie's to make these repairs and improvements.

My take on Fast Freddie's
I met Fred Jr. when he was working for a large restoration firm. We hit it off and got along real well. When Fred started his own shop, I decided to have him make repairs and improvements to my Bee. Unlike the Ford guys at a shop north of the Twin Cities who did the initial work on my car, I found Fred to be very thorough in discussing the work to be done, laying out the options and their costs. A person has a large investment in their car and you appreciate when someone is both concerned about your budget and takes the time to make sure things are done right. I have been very satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend Fast Freddie's to anyone. Dave Peil.








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