1971 Dodge Demon


Scott has owned this car since age 15.


Scott has owned this car since the age of 15 and has a ton of great memories with the car, so when it came time for a restoration, he wanted to make sure it was done to his satisfaction. We met Scott at the 2009 Car Craft Summer Nationals in St. Paul, MN where we had our ’67 Dart on display. Scott noticed the detail on our car and we started talking about his Demon and what his goals for the car were. After a long talk, we found out that he’s had the car sitting in storage for 15 years and was just now getting to the point in his life where he could focus some attention back on his baby.

His goal for the car was to have a really nice driver with some modern updates to improve the handling, performance and safety. As it turns out, he picked a really good time to have this car re-done because nowadays the aftermarket is there to support those goals and there are all kinds of options to bring Mopar muscle cars into the 21st century. The short list included a stout 440 Mopar mill, a Keisler 5-speed overdrive transmission, and a Hotchkis TVS suspension kit.

He had some work done previously and wasn’t really happy with how it came out, so he sent us some pics of the car and we talked about how it could all be fixed and what all would be involved with the project. We came up with a plan and then loaded the car in our trailer and hauled it back to the shop so we could take it all apart and get the car blasted down to bare metal to see what we really had on our hands.

Besides a bit of shody metal work, the car looked really clean and straight. So we picked up the phone and started ordering the parts – trans, sheet metal, suspension,exhaust, etc. The idea was to do a complete rolling mockup of the car with all the new parts to ensure everything was going to work together as a complete system. It takes some extra time to do it this way, but it pays off huge in the end when you know the car will fit together beautifully after paint.








Body Work




Metal Work





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